Check out his video!

Whoever adopts this handsome guy will be very lucky, as Cesar is one all-around fantastic dog! No doubt he’s absolutely adorable, with a big, silly head, goofy grin and short, super cute build. And he’s got an even more adorable, silly, dopey personality to go along with it. He greets everyone he meets with a wagging tail, but is good about not jumping on people.

Cesar is about 1.5 years old and approx. 50 lbs. He’s very goofy, happy and friendly and is doing fantastically in his foster home. He’s well behaved in the house and is content to lounge around and nap or play with his toys. Cesar is a pretty easy-going guy – happy to trot alongside you for a walk (and he walks great on leash, as you can see from his video) but is equally as happy to hang around the house with you.

He likes to play in the yard although his definition of “play” is more of a mosey. And Cesar does fantastically with the other dogs in his foster home. His foster mom has fostered a ton of dogs over the years and reports that Cesar is by far one of the most easy going dogs when he’s around other dogs that she’s seen. This also includes when he’s walking on leash – he pays no mind to other dogs on walks, even ones who are barking at him.

Combine this with the fact that he’s perfectly housebroken and one of the friendliest dogs you will meet, and Cesar is really the total package! The only thing that we ask of Cesar’s adopter is that they do not leave Cesar home alone for long hours, as he does have separation anxiety. Cesar IS crated every day in his foster home, but it is for shorter stretches – so someone who works a 9-5 job would not be good for Cesar. Again, he doesn’t need someone who is home all of the time, but he does require a home in which he will not be left alone for too long.

Please note that the first step in our process is the adoption application found on our website Cesar is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. His adoption fee has been waived and is sponsored by a very generous donor.