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Dallas is an approx. 3.5 year old mixed breed dog. She is a very sweet, but very timid dog. She is the kind of dog that would be perfectly content just hanging around the house with her person. Dallas is pretty afraid of the outdoors in fact. She is housebroken and will gladly go outside with you, but would much rather spend her time indoors. Despite her fears, Dallas has a resilient spirit and we just know an amazing adopter is out there who will give Dallas the home she finally deserves. Whoever adopts her needs to understand the basics of the two-week shutdown to allow her to adjust: 

This is something we suggest for bringing ANY new dog home, but for Dallas, it is imperative. She is very scared the first week in a new home, but amazingly enough, she quickly adapts and is just fine. In fact, once she quickly settles in, you’ll notice what a very, very easy, obedient dog she is. The video above is the real Dallas, happy, silly and lovable. She just needs an adopter who will be patient with her the first couple of weeks to help her settle in and trust you.

Her foster mom has fostered a ton of dogs over the years and reports that Dallas is a breeze to care for. She doesn’t require a lot of exercise and again, would much rather hang around the house with you. She is a very well behaved, quiet dog. She’s perfectly crate trained too.

Dallas likes other dogs, but can be a bit pushy and intense with them, so a home without other pets is probably best for her. Please note that the first step in our process is the adoption application which can be found on our website, Dallas is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated.