You’re probably already in love with Mick just from seeing his photos – but wait until you meet him in person! Mick is such a happy, wiggly, silly guy. When he meets someone new, he will politely greet them and lean right into them, hoping for a nice back scratch. His foster mom has fostered a ton of dogs over the years and reports that Mick is one of the most well-behaved and easiest dogs she’s ever fostered. He does well with the cat in his foster home and is perfectly housebroken and crate trained. In fact, Mick is fantastic in his crate and does not make a peep while he’s in there. He likes playing with his toys, but also is content to just lounge around on his dog bed – or he’ll even go into his crate for a nap. Inside the house, he’s quite calm, well-behaved and easy going.

Mick’s foster mom takes him for walks, but only in quiet, low-stress areas. Mick, like many dogs, gets anxious on walks. While he walks well when he’s in a quiet, low-stress area, he does get easily overstimulated and is reactive to other dogs when walking in busier areas. Understanding reactivity means understanding that a) it’s very common in dogs and b) it’s not indicative of a dog’s overall personality. As a matter of fact, Mick’s foster mom has been working with him on his reactivity and he’s made tremendous strides in just a couple of weeks. So much that he now goes for walks with the other dogs in his foster home and walks very well with them. This is because there were slow, gradual intros to those dogs, which is what all dog owners should do.

All in all, Mick is a truly wonderful dog and whoever adopts him will get a great companion and a very adorable best friend. And because we love Mick so much and have seen such improvement with his reactivity, we need to make sure that whoever adopts him understands that he needs his space from other dogs while on walks. A relatively simple thing to ask in exchange for a truly awesome dog! If you are interested in meeting Mick, please submit our adoption application found on our website, Mick is approx. 3 years old, 65 lbs and is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.