Here’s a write-up from Monk’s foster mom:

“As you know, I’ve fostered well over 100 dogs over the years. There have certainly been favorites over the years and Monk is no doubt at the top of that list. He is quite easily one of the best dogs I have ever met. His only downside is his most endearing trait – and that is his love of people. I have never met a sweeter, more people-focused and loving dog than Monk. With that said, he does get a bit too excited when meeting new people and like any other super happy dog, will jump on people. The key is to a) not allow it and b) ignore him when he’s extra excited, and he quickly settles back into the lovable mush-ball that makes everyone fall in love with him. Because between his adorable, short, stocky build and his A+ personality, EVERYONE falls in love with him.

Monk has been one of the easiest dogs I have ever fostered – fantastic in his crate, housebroken and very well-behaved in the house. He doesn’t touch anything in the house and is content to spend his day lounging in his dog bed. His absolute favorite thing in the entire world is cuddling – he’ll happily lie in your lap for hours on end if you let him. He’s a great hiking and walking partner and walks very well on leash. Unless of course you pass a person, then he wiggles with delight trying to greet them! He does great at walking right past barking dogs too.

Monk without a doubt prefers people over other dogs and would therefore be much happier being the only dog in the home. This is not a dog who wants or needs “dog friends.” He has no interest in playing with other dogs. Again, he is far more interested in people. He does well with our cat. He loves going for car rides and is even good when getting a bath. Seriously, this dog is the BEST! And because of this, he deserves only the best in return.”

If you are interested in meeting Monk, the first step is to complete the adoption application found on our website Monk is approx. 4- 5 years old, is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.