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Tater is the absolute cutest short, stocky, chunk of a puppy, approx. 10 months old. She appears to be some sort of Bulldog type mix. When she came to us from the shelter, she was very, very scared, but has already made great progress. She is still timid in new situations and hasn’t mastered leash walking yet, so she’ll need an adopter with a fenced yard, as the outside world is still a bit scary for her. She has a very sweet, soft, calm, quiet, gentle disposition. In fact, she’s kind of an old soul in a puppy’s body. She does very well with the cat in her foster home and is also doing fantastically with housebreaking and crate training. Please note that the first step in our process is the adoption application found on our website Tater is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. Adoption fee is $150.