Thank you for choosing adoption! Below you will find important info about our process:

1.We do NOT hold dogs for adopters, no exceptions. When you are ready to bring a dog home, we’ll begin the adoption process. Our process is as long (or short) as you make it.

2. Applicants must be at least 21 years old.

3. The adoption application is the first step in our process.

4. Next is a phone interview and/or meet and greet. Adopters are required to come to us for meetings, which are typically in the Baltimore area.

5. Adoption fee is non-refundable. The adoption fee for dogs over six months old is $150 and the adoption fee for puppies under six months old is $300.

6. If you rent you will need written approval from your landlord that there are no breed/weight restrictions. If you own and are subject to HOA (i.e. condos) the same applies.

7. If none of our available dogs are the right match for you, please complete the application and we will notify you when we find an appropriate dog.

8. All applications are reviewed in a timely manner. If we are interested in continuing the adoption process with you, you will be contacted by us within five business days. We do NOT contact applicants whose applications do not meet our standards or for whom we do not have a suitable match.


*There is no application fee, only an adoption fee.

*Please note: an application is required prior to meeting any of our dogs

*Please also note: At this time we are unable to adopt out dogs to anyone living in Prince George’s County due to current Breed Specific Legislation banning Pit Bulls.