Elfie is a sweet boy that had a rough start at life after being abandoned in a U-haul by his former family.  Despite being clearly scared and shut down, he has blossomed into a goofy, cuddly, playful boy in his foster home. Elfie can still be easy to startle so would do best in a quiet, patient home.

He is a young pup, not even a year old yet, who still has a lot of puppy-like enthusiasm, but he also has a lovely off switch, is house broken, settles very nicely in his crate, and loves to sleep in (which his foster mom is very appreciate of!).  He also rides great in the car and is learning how much fun hiking and outings can be!  He even took a day trip to a beach area and had a blast zooming around in the sand, although the jury is still out on the water part. He does enjoy his walks and does well on leash. However, given his sensitive side, a very busy, city-like area may be a bit too much for him.

While in his foster home, Elfie has been properly and slowly introduced to multiple cats and dogs (both large and small).  We have learned that he loves the company of other dogs and would likely benefit from having another playful doggy sibling. 

As far as the cats go, Elfie has learned to respect their boundaries, but still needs some management to prevent chasing when they get playful and dart around.  When kitties are calm he tries to nuzzle up and sneak in some kisses when they aren’t paying attention!  He would do best in a cat-free home, but would also likely be successful with slow, gradual introductions to a dog-savvy cat who isn’t put off by his initial enthusiastic curiosity.  

Overall, Elfie is a soft boy, eager to learn and please, and has a lovely, sweet disposition.  He has been a wonderful house guest while in foster, but would love a home to call his very own!

The first step in our process is the adoption application on our website, www.midatlanticbullybuddies.org. Elfie is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

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