Please read all of the info below before inquiring about Jax. He needs an adopter who is financially able to commit to Jax’s many medical needs.

We know, we know, Jax is the CUTEST puppy in the world. We’re not sure what he’s mixed with, but he’s a big boy. He is also the SWEETEST puppy. And he needs a very, very special home. Before you go rushing to contact us about Jax, stop and think this through carefully. Jax absolutely needs a committed adopter who will provide him with everything he needs for the rest of his life.

Jax is approx. 4 months old and has had seizures since he was a young puppy. He is on medication, which for the most part, keeps these seizures in check. He absolutely needs to remain on these meds every day. He also has a luxating patella, which hopefully will correct itself as he continues to grow, but that also needs management and monitoring by a vet. He may possibly require surgery to correct the issue with his knee once he’s a bit older, but only time will tell.

The point is, his adopter absolutely needs to be financially onboard with his care. Not to mention, the possible ups and downs, emotionally, that his medical challenges may bring.

If you can provide Jax with these things, you will be more than rewarded with what an amazing dog you get in return. He is generally very easy going and not super active like most puppies. He does great with the other dogs in his foster home, along with housebreaking and crate training. While Jax may have some medical challenges, when it comes to personality, he is 100% perfect. Not to mention, super snuggly 🙂

Please note that the first step in our process is the adoption application found on our website