We aren’t sure what Koala is mixed with; aside from an actual Koala. Obviously. But aside from that, he’s got a long, tall, sleek build. At approx. 7 months old he’s already a big puppy. And has that sweet puppy personality to go along with it. Unfortunately Koala has spent almost his entire life thus far in a shelter, so no doubt, the outside world is sort of new to him. Have no fear, our brave Koala is learning how to dog quite well thus far. He is apprehensive at times, but is gaining confidence each and every day. Considering the lack of structure he had in those early months, he’s doing surprising well with puppy basics like leash walking, housebreaking and crate training. Inside the house, Koala is quickly learning how to be the best dog he can be and is content to lounge around and play with his toys. We simply adore this adorable, sweet, big puppy and know that some lucky adopter will too. Please note that the first step in our process is the adoption application found on our website www.midatlanticbullybuddies.org. Koala is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.