Yes, Meatball is the most adorable meatball ever! However, he is not a dog for just anyone. Meatball needs an experienced, able-bodied adopter who can handle 100 lbs of happy, untrained, wild enthusiasm.

Meatball’s foster home is literally the first home he has ever lived in. Prior to being surrendered to the shelter, Meatball lived his first two years in an outdoor concrete kennel. He then spent six months at the shelter. As you can imagine, this has left him unsure of the world.

Meatball would do best with an adopter who understands dog body language, as he can be very scared and nervous when meeting new people and adjusting to new environments. It is necessary to give him space and time to settle in, and to allow him to get used to you.

Once Meatball settles in, he will love you – A LOT. So much, that he can be a bit of a bull-in-a-china-shop. He needs work on basics – again, things he never has been exposed to and had the chance to learn his entire life. Things like jumping, mouthing, chewing and basic manners. Imagine a 100 lb puppy – that’s Meatball!

But Meatball also has promise. He is highly food-motivated and super trainable. He is literally a blank slate, having been exposed to almost nothing over his 2.5 years of life. He is learning new things everyday. He is perfectly crate-trained. He walks well on a leash and harness about 90% of the time (but if he sees a squirrel, hold on for dear life). He has also been non-reactive to the other dogs in his foster home when walking on leash with them and greeting them through the fence. 

For a patient adopter willing to put in some work, Meatball will gladly be your best friend for life – and a ridiculously adorable one at that. Please note that the first step in our process is the adoption application found on our website Meatball is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.