SPECIAL COVID NOTICE: We realize that many of you are home from work right now and adopting a dog seems like a great idea. Which, it may be! Or may not. Please think about what your life will be like once things go back to “normal.” Will you have enough time each day to dedicate to a dog, based on the dog’s individual needs? If you are looking for a dog to socialize with kids, other dogs, etc., please do not submit an adoption application, as we do not recommend that for any dog. Nor do we recommend dog parks or dog daycare. Visit the resources section of our website for more info on those topics.

Please note that none of our foster homes have children, so we have no idea how any of our dogs would do living in a home with kids and/or if they would enjoy it. None of our foster homes have cats either, so if you have a cat and are looking to adopt a dog, we can send you info for slow introductions which will require separating a dog from your cat for some time.

As for MJ:

Check out her video! https://youtu.be/MDc-NDzjTvk

We really can’t say enough good things about MJ! She’s the perfect size, not too big, not too small. She’s very sweet, happy and friendly, greeting you with a happy tail wag. In fact, whenever someone meets MJ, they can’t get over how happy and wiggly she is. MJ is also crate trained, housebroken and likes going for car rides. She does well when getting a bath and picks up on commands very quickly.

MJ would do best in a home with a fenced yard. Check out the photo and video of MJ and her ball – there is nothing that she loves more! So we know that a fenced yard will make MJ very happy. She likes going for walks and is also a great jogging buddy. Really, she’s happy to be with you wherever you are, but she is not needy. She is a well-behaved, happy girl who wants nothing more than to be your new best friend. Her foster mom has fostered a ton of dogs over the years and reports that MJ is a dream!

MJ, to us, has it all – she is easy to exercise in a fenced yard because she will happily entertain herself by chasing her ball or just exploring. Her foster parents spend a lot of time in the yard and MJ is happy to just hang out with them – and isn’t a nuisance. If they are gardening, she doesn’t bother them, nor does she get into anything she shouldn’t. When they are up for a walk, a jog or a hike, MJ will happily accompany them, no matter how short or long that jaunt is. And then when it’s time to relax in the house, MJ is happy to play with her toys – or snuggle up for a good cuddle session. On top of all of this, MJ has the BEST personality – she is so much fun and will make you smile non-stop with how silly and happy she is.

MJ is estimated to be about 4 years old, but really, that’s just a guess. If you are one of those people who “needs” a dog under two years old, then so be it, she can be two. If you are one of those people who “needs” a dog over 5 years old, so be it, she can be 5.5.

Please note that the first step in our process is the adoption application found on our website www.midatlanticbullybuddies.org. MJ is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated.