Amazing adopter needed for an amazing dog! Penny’s foster parents can’t say enough good things about our sweet, silly, gorgeous girl. Penny is a very fun, athletic, smart young dog. She loves to run and play – rather that be in the yard or going for walks and hikes with you. Check out her video to see how well she does with leash walking! Penny is also very food motivated and has proven to enjoy her training sessions very much. Penny has mastered countless tricks and commands in her foster home. Penny also loves car rides, is housebroken and crate trained.

Penny is our longest-term dog and is in need of a very special adopter. While Penny is for the most part a happy, outgoing dog, she does have some anxieties. Penny LOVES to cuddle and is very affectionate, but sort of like a cat, it is on her terms. Like many dogs, she does not like people being pushy with her and forcing her to do things she is not comfortable with. Penny is very happy to lounge around with you – whether it be at your feet or right at your side on the couch.

Penny walking on leash:

Penny is approx. 4 years old, spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. Please note that the first step in our process is the adoption application found on our website Penny’s adoption fee has been waived and is sponsored by a generous donor.