SPECIAL COVID NOTICE: We realize that many of you are home from work right now and adopting a dog seems like a great idea. Which, it may be! Or may not. Please think about what your life will be like once things go back to “normal.” Will you have enough time each day to dedicate to a dog, based on the dog’s individual needs? If you are looking for a dog to socialize with kids, other dogs, etc., please do not submit an adoption application, as we do not recommend that for any dog. Nor do we recommend dog parks or dog daycare. Visit the resources section of our website for more info on those topics.

Please note that none of our foster homes have children, so we have no idea how any of our dogs would do living in a home with kids and/or if they would enjoy it. None of our foster homes have cats either, so if you have a cat and are looking to adopt a dog, we can send you info for slow introductions which will require separating a dog from your cat for some time.

As for Tanner:

We took a poll in MABB and everyone agreed, when we think about what our dream dog would be like – Tanner is it! Not only is he a very distinguished looking gentleman, but his personality is just all-around fabulous.

We are not sure how old he is, maybe 8 years old (that’s an estimate). He has that perfect senior disposition – is content to spend his days lounging on the sofa, with an occasional walk here and there. And when Tanner does go for a walk, he is a dream – so well-behaved on leash! Don’t let his age fool you, he can easily keep up for a longer walk. And still has a playful, silly side.

Those manners also extend to inside the house – he’s housebroken and doesn’t get into anything he shouldn’t. And he is just so, so sweet. Tanner is one of those dogs who will go along with whatever you are in the mood for – a quiet evening on the couch? Tanner is in! A walk around town? He’s right there with you! A game of fetch in the back yard? Tanner will surprise you and turn into a young, playful dog once in a while when it comes to fetch – check out his video: https://youtu.be/MPLowwIpYbY

Tanner’s foster parents have a senior dog and they peacefully coexist. They are perfectly content to walk around the yard together, go for walks together and lounge around the house. They don’t play or snuggle, but are content being around each other. Because really, they are seniors and want nothing more than to lounge around!

We adore this guy and know that whoever meets him will too. Head over to our website www.midatlanticbullybuddies.org to submit the adoption application or shoot us an email at mabbteam@gmail.com. Tanner is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Tanner’s adoption fee has been waived and is sponsored by a generous donor.